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Manual RouterOS software manual
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The RB411GL is created for high-end wireless AP, Point-to-Point or CPE OEM applications. It has Gigabit Ethernet port, so you can take full advantage of 802.11n standard. 

Unit has one miniPCI slot for your choice of miniPCI wireless card, powerful Atheros 680MHz CPU, 64MB of RAM and a USB port for 3G or storage.

Product specifications

Product code RB411GL
CPU speed 680MHz
Architecture MIPS-BE
LAN ports 1
Gigabit Yes
MiniPCI 1
Power Jack 8-30V DC
802.3af support No
PoE 8-30V
Voltage Monitor Yes
PCB temperature monitor No
CPU temperature monitor No
Dimensions 105x105mm
Operating System RouterOS
Temperature range -30C to +60C
RouterOS License Level4
Current Monitor No
CPU AR7161
RB411G Series @680Mhz (Ethernet only test) 64 byte frames 512 byte frames 1518 byte frames
IP Firewall Conntrack Mode Mbps Fps Mbps Fps Mbps Fps
off off Bridging 76.9 150200 595.15 145300 999.45 82300
on off Routing 52.38 102300 396.08 96700 999.45 82300
on off Bridging 44.95 87800 353.08 86200 947.23 78000
on on Routing 39.68 77500 300.24 73300 823.36 67800
on on Bridging 29.9 58400 232.24 56700 660.63 54400
  1. All throughput tests done with Xena Networks specialized test system and RouterOS v5, according RFC2544, with Ethernet frame sizes 64, 512, 1518 bytes.
  2. Each board is tested with specified number of Ethernet interfaces, to ensure optimal load on hardware.
  3. Values in Italics indicate that the maximum possible throughput was reached, limited only by ethernet ports themselves.
  4. Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using optimal hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results.
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